Weight Management 


Developing a Better approach to Food and Thinking Slim


There's no doubt that much of weight management is down to how you think. If you have tried diets in the past you will have no doubt experienced the mental pull that certain foods have on you.

We all know 'diets don't really work, a diet is no substitute for a healthy attitude around food and exercise. A better template is needed to develop a helpful attitude towards eating,

The Workshop

My 4 session workshop covers the Golden Rules and Thinking Attitudes needed to change thought patterns around food. With each session you will develop the skills necessary to lose and manage weight correctly.

Learn the Rules

Eat Correctly When HUNGRY

Eat What you Want

Eat Food Mindfully

Listen to Your Stomach

Think and Act like a slim person

Imbed your weight loss goals

Exercise Booster without thinking

Mental Motivator Manage for the  toughest moments




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