One Thought 

One Feeling 

One Mind 

Mastering The Mental Game 

Between the conscious and the unconscious is a bridge of opportunity 


Hypnosis has a long history of helping human beings be the best at what they can do.


It can be used to control anything controlled by the unconscious mind.


Hypnosis gives you the ability to control and override negative emotions or habits that get in your way.


Hypnosis allows you to synchronize the mind and body with precises and accurate informationto to produce the results we desire both. 



Neuro Linguistic programming is an approach to communication personal information directly to the sub conscious mind in order to construct  how we feel and react.

It is used for achieving work,personal and social goals.


When applied it helps eliminate stress, fears , phobias and many psychological disorders.

Sports Psychology 

Sports psychology focuses on how psychological factors affect a persons physical performance


Sports psychology also looks at how participating in physical activity affects a persons psychological development


Working with a Sports psychology coach allows you to reflect on your own experiences and develop a mental training program that will allow you to develop your full potential.

The Brain


At the top of our spin is our brain controlling everything we do.


The brain  works faster than any computer processing 100 trillion instructions per second.


The brain can slow down time, tell us when to eat, when to rest and when to sleep.


Our Brian drives our muscles, stirs our lives and protects us when we are pushed to the limit. 


When in danger our brains take over, it is hardwired by evolution to do so.

         The Mind


The mind drives us to take action based on our thoughts.


It collects information from the outside world and creates feelings which in turn creates movement.


Under stress the brain takes in more frames of information, slows down time and quickly bypasses the 

firewall guarding our beliefs. 


When you understand your own mind and how to control your emotions, life becomes enjoyable.

The Program


The Power Play Program is designed to teach clients the mental techniques for accelerated learning.


It uses self hypnotic techniques to help prepare the mind to accept precise and accurate information that supports personal sporting and business goals .


The techniques allow the development of a strong and powerful mind that is totally controlled and managed by the client. 

Its not what you see but how you feel that dictates what you do

The Mind Of A Champion
A motivational talk that looks at how to develop powerful beliefs and habits. 




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