The Practice



Peter Knight

Based in the heart of Texas Peter brings his skills across the water. With many years experience in helping clients understand the mechanics of the brain and the workings of the mind, Peter leaves you in no doubt about what you can achieve.


Helping develop your mental skills and beliefs in order to be confident and successful IS the passion that drives Peter.


Because he is Wise

You can’t buy wisdom, the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment, is the quality of being wise.


Experience comes from observations, practical contact and encounters within your profession.


Having many years experience doing what he does observing 

unbelievable feats of mental strength and agility, witnessing 

feats of creativity, posture, drive and determination that is attributed to the power from within, is a good enough reason to work with me? 


Having performed many shows across Europe and in the USA, given motivational talks and demonstrations on the power of the mind still amazes him. 


Why me?   Because I have been there, seen it, don’t it and got the tee shirt......





I offer free consultation to evaluate your suitability for Hypnosis and NLP.


This consultation offers you the opportunity to discuss your issues, evaluate your situation and put together a plan of action


These techniques are not for everyone and are not a quick fix, although you get immediate results, it requires commitment and team work


I will not work with anyone who is not prepared to commit to my style and philosophy


I  will not waste time if you are not prepared to work with me fully. 

I know that if you follow my guidance you WILL succeed in reaching your goal.


Helping you feel your way to success is his mission